Direct-Hire Solutions

Direct-hire Solutions

Platinum People direct-hire solutions can help reduce the amount of time it takes to meet the demands of the hard-to-fill positions, increase your candidate pool, which in turn will save you both time and money.  We place high value on being transparent and will assign you with one of our highly qualified U.S. Based representatives that is only a phone call away.

We provide each client with a dedicated Account Manager that helps manage the submittal process. Our Account Manager also sends out weekly progress report which will list and keep track of all submitted candidates for each position including number of days in the process.   This helps to identify the candidate order of priority from week-to-week and the schedule to help move the process forward.


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Contingency Recruiting Solutions

Contingency search is typically viewed as a low risk option.  There are no upfront fees and we offer a partial hiring guarantees, which will give the company the option to independently source their own candidates.

Exclusive Recruiting Solutions

With an Exclusive search you’re giving us the priority to work solely on your project for a designated period of time. Typically the exclusive search will produce better results as it gives recruiters time to fully execute a project plan and fully research a candidate prior to submittal.  This search comes down to quality versus quantity compared to contingency searches.  Contingency searches creates an atmosphere where all recruiters race for the same resumes which may or may not be fully vetted and just becomes useless paper in your in box..  Exclusive search is typically prefered and offered with a smaller fee, and guarantees a company better quality for less money.

Priority Recruiting Solutions

This type of search is normally used with companies needing to fill a position quickly. Our Priority Solution provides a dedicated recruiter and all submitted candidates are exclusive for a period of 30 days. We also offer an extended hiring guarantee on each candidate hired. Because of the allocation of our resources, a small commitment fee is due at the start of the search.  The fee will be applied to the overall fee at the time of the placement.

Retained Recruiting Solutions

Retained solution helps a company when position’s must be filled immediately or to help find a candidate that processes a special skill. This solution is different as the fee is focused on service, instead of the end result.  This solution however, cost no more than our contingency solution.  Typically, the placement fee is spread over three installments based on predetermined benchmarks. The first installment is not refundable even if you put a freeze or cancel the search.  The advantage of a retained search to a company is that you will be offered a a dedicated project team that creates and fully execute a project plan with desired results.  This ensures a better process that yields overall quality throughout the search.

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