Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Platinum People Staffing Solutions provides a comprehensive approach for any size project.

Tailored Solutions for any size projectPlatinum People Staffing Solutions

At Platinum People®, we provide direct-hire and contract staffing solutions tailored for your needs. In today’s global market, the need for IT resources is becoming more important every day.  Platinum People has the reach and can find talent from around the world.  We have developed a comprehensive repeatable delivery methodology that can work with any size company or staffing project.

Energize your recruiting and get more for less.

Platinum People Staffing Solutions can help reduce time-to-fill, increase your candidate pool, and maximize your ROI. We understand how to respect everyone’s time (the employer’s, the candidate’s) busy schedules.  Our team match’s the chemistry (personality, culture, management style, motivation) between employer and employee, not just the skills. Our reputation as a professional is key to our growth and we will never sacrifice it for a wrong fit.

Direct-Hire Solutions Contract Solutions
Staffing Services Provided Contract Employees
•  Direct-hire Solutions •  Employee Direct Deposit
•  Hourly Contract Staffing •  Year End W2 Forms
•  Temp-to-Hire •  Expense Reimbursements
•  Contracting Supplemental Staff •  Employee Paperwork Compliance
•  W2 Employees and B2B Contractors •  Benefits Administration (401K and medical)
•  Retiree re-employment •  ACA Compliant Health Insurance
•  Subcontractor Management •  Weekly Payroll Processing
Administration Taxes & Insurance
•  Web-Based Timesheets •  State and Federal Tax Withholdings
•  Weekly Electronic Invoicing •  State and Federal Unemployment
•  Web-Based Account Reports •  Social Security, Medicare, Disability
•  Weekly Payroll Processing •  Workers’ Compensation Insurance
•  Background/Drug Screening •  GL, Umbrella, Professional Liability and Fidelity Insurance



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